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Rosette pak choi, or tat soi, Chinese flat cabbage, spoon mustard, is a special pak choi variety become popular in North American cuisine. It has dark green glossy spoon-shaped leaves and short stems which form a thick rosette. 


Rosette pak choi s a soft creamy texture and has a subtle yet distinctive flavour. It is mild with a slight mustard-green flavour. 


Rosette pak choi can be eaten raw in salad but is perfect to be steamed, gently sautéed, or mixed into rice or soup dishes. 

Type: Pak choi

Sprout: 2-7 days

Harvest: 28 days

Seed from*: US / HK

Nutritional Benefits:

Rosette pak choi is low in calories and at the same time a rich source of vitamin A, C, folate, minerals calcium and potassium. It is also packed with  glucosinolates that demonstrate some cancer-protective benefits.

Growing Tips:

In warm temperatures, the plant grows erect while in cold temperatures, the plant forms flat rosettes.

Seed Kit Available :

  • Seed Kit Original with Pre-seeded Capsules (8 capsules and nutrient packs)

* We source seeds from different origins. 


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