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Romaine Mix



  • Common lettuce in Caesar salad.

  • ​Combination of Green and/or Red romaine lettuce*.

Seed Kit Available :

  • Seed Kit Original with Pre-seeded Capsules (8 capsules and nutrient packs)

United States

Hong Kong

See Available Store for availability in other retailers or regions.

Learn More About Romaine Mix:

Romaine is a type of lettuce that has tall straight leaves. It is a common salad green, and the usual lettuce in Caesar salad. Romaine is also commonly used in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Commercial sold romaine lettuce is easy to be contaminated with pathogenic E. coli due to mixed farming which has a close contact with cattle. 

Romaine Mix is a combination of various Green romaine lettuce, and/or Red romaine lettuce*, which is perfect for salad, especially Caesar salad.

Type: Lettuce

Sprout: 2-7 days

Harvest: 28-35 days

Seed from*: USA / UK / Canada / Netherlands

* We source seeds from different origins. Selected seed kits from different origins and seasons may have different seed combinations.


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