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Herb Selected



  • Combination of common herbs including Dill, Coriander, Sweet Basil and/or Parsley*.

  • Perfect to be picked fresh and added to your dishes.

Seed Kit Available :

  • Seed Kit Original with Pre-seeded Capsules (8 capsules and nutrient packs)

  • Seed Kit Original with Pre-seeded Capsules and Seed starter (8 capsules, nutrient packs and 1 seed starter) - US e-shop only

United States

Hong Kong

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Learn More About Herbs Selected:

Herbs Selected is a combination of Dill, Coriander, Sweet Basil and/or Parsley capsules*. This combination provides herbs for dishes that require a mix of herbs.

Type: Herbs

Sprout: 5-14 days

Harvest: 28 - 35 days

Seed from*: USA / UK / Canada / Netherlands

Check out plants' individual pages for more information about their nutritional benefits and tips:

* We source seeds from different origins. Selected seed kits from different origins and seasons may have different seed combinations.