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Viola is a colorful flower with "faces". It likes cool temperature. They are edible and pair well with lettuce. The flowers impart a strong flavor and have been used to make syrup, flavored honey and salads. Both the leaves and flowers can be used as a garnish, such as on cold fruit or cream soups. The flowers are also useful as a dye.

Type: Flower

Sprout: 10-14 days

Harvest: 70 days

Seed from*: USA / Canada / UK

Nutritional Benefits:

Both leaves and flowers contain vitamin A and C which protect your eyes from night blindness, support your healthy immune system, fight against age-related decline, and support your bone health.

Harvest Tips: 

Flower will appear in 2-3 months. Be sure you harvest the flower, it will wilt in 3-5 days. Remove your blooms and wilted flowers will simulate your plant to grow more flowers.

When your viola rarely bloom, and the leaves begin to yellow, this show you a sign that its life is reaching the end (About 6 months). We would recommend you to plant a new plant from seed.

Seed Kit Available :

  • Seed Kit Original with Pre-seeded Capsules (8 capsules and nutrient packs)

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* We source seeds from different origins. 


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