Grow healthy, fresh vegetables and herbs effortlessly right on your kitchen countertop.

Using a combination of LED grow lights, an automatic watering system and advanced sensors, aspara is a connected control system for your indoor garden that does the growing for you.

Enjoy a Healthy and Beautiful Life with aspara​

Hydroponic Growing System

The aspara indoor garden is a smart hydroponics system. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a water based, nutrient rich solution without soil.

The hydroponic growing method cuts out the need for harmful chemicals and pesticides,



aspara uses 90% less water*

aspara does not rely on the weather

aspara yields 50% faster plant growth*

Growing is effortless

*compared with conventional farming

Intelligent Grow Light

The intelligent grow light stimulates growth by automatically altering the spectrum and intensity of light provided to your plants as they grow. To suit your living needs, the light can be quickly switched to white, dimmed or turned off. For growers that love to experiment, the light can be easily programmed to follow a bespoke lighting pattern.

Removable Reservoir and Auto Watering

From seed to harvest, the patent-pending watering system quietly takes cares of your plants hydration and nutritional needs. Using specialised ebb-and-flow technology, it brings fresh oxygenated air to the roots after each watering cycle. This promotes root growth and helps your plants to grow strong and flavoursome.

The removable reservoir help water refill to be mess-free.

Smart Sensors

aspara employs built-in smart sensors and an innovative control system to make growing easy and fun. They work seamlessly together to ensure that your plants always have the correct amount of water, root aeration and nutrients.


Using the latest technologies, aspara automatically detects and monitors nutrient concentration, water temperature, air temperature, humidity, and the amount of water in its system. All you need to do is add water and nutrients when notified to do so.

How to use aspara


Fill your aspara with the seed capsules of your choosing


Fill the tank with water


Follow the instructions to start planting


aspara will alert you when care is needed


In just 30 days, harvest your herbs and vegetables

Honors and Awards

Green Product Audience Award Winner 2020

IDA Design Award 2017, Gold

2nd Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong

2018 IHA Global Innovation Award (gia)

Electronic Industries Award 2018 Gold Prize Winner

aspara Nature smart grower is perfect for home and indoor use. 

We also have aspara STEM smart grower perfect for STEM.

If you are interested in aspara STEM, please find more details in

Differences Between aspara Nature and aspara STEM smart grower


aspara STEM web portal access and support

Planting program

Preset planting program specific for each types of plant

Allow free customization

Photo period

Preset photo period specific for each plant, can edit sunrise time

Adjustable photo period

Water running interval

Preset water running interval specific for each plant in each grow stage

Adjustable water running interval

Grow light

Preset light spectrum and intensity specific specific for each plant in each grow stage

Adjustable grow light spectrum and intensity respectively

Connected users

Max 5

Max 10


Presently, eighteen different aspara seed kits are available, and more will be available soon. Each seed kit comprises eight seed capsules and the nutrients needed to grow your plants.


The seed baskets in all capsules are made from a bio-degradable materials and can be thrown away after use. Our seeds are GMO-free and/or organic^ and come with our germination guarantee. To start growing, just clip the capsules into the grow tray. Simple!

Easy and Quick

Start growing by filling your aspara with the seed capsules of your choice, add water, and turn it on.

Fresh and Safe

Our seeds are non-GMO and/or organic^. Enjoy fresh, clean and healthy-to-eat vegetables in just 28 days*.

^ Selected seeds

* Vary from seed to seed

Clean, Soil-free

  • Biodegradable - Grow baskets, growing media and packaging boxes are biodegradable.

  • Clean, soil-free - Growing media are made of inert material that are clean without contamination.

Germination Guaranteed#

If your seed capsule doesn’t germinate, we will replace it for free.

# Warranty details in instruction booklets

Lettuce Selected

Herb Selected

Salad Special


Leafy and Salad Vegetables

Green Lettuce



Mixed Lettuce

Blue Curled Kale

Mixed Baby Leaf

Red Lettuce



Sweet Basil




Fruits, Flowers and Root vegetables

Cherry Tomato




The aspara IoT-connected app allows you to monitor the growing process from the palm of your hand. Among other things, it lets you know how much light your plants have received, the amount of nutrients they have and when to refill the water tank. The app also brings convenience, by allowing you to control aspara remotely.


But that’s not all! The aspara app is also a platform for support and a space to share your passion of growing with others. You can even use it to upload photos to social media.

It monitors conditions including water level, nutrient content, light, humidity, air temperature and water temperature:

And it does so much more...

Let’s you monitor one aspara or more

Gives you growing tips and recipes

Helps you to take photos and time-lapse videos of your plants

Records data about the growing process

Enables you to share your growing experiences with others

Allows you to control the grow light and more


aspara Nature

aspara Seed Kits


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