Here shows all tips you will need to know throughout your planting process.

What are you planting?

Including all leafy, salad, Chinese cuisine, and rooted vegetables.

Including sweet basil, coriander, dill, parsley.

Including tomato.

Including viola.

Planting Tips

Check the Most Appropriate Number of Capsules to be Used

Some plants prefer more space than others. To grow healthy and strong plants, we suggest that the maximum number of seed capsules you should use at a time is as follows:

Salad / leafy vegetables

6 - 8 capsules


8 - 12 capsules


2 - 4 capsules


8 - 12 capsules


6 - 8 capsules


Learn to Control LED Growlight

You can adjust the LED growlight after the planting program started.

Since your plant cannot be exposed to light for 24 hours, the LED growlight will gradually turn on (sunrise) and off (sunset), similar to nature’s sunrise and sunset.

Offline Mode

LED light control in control panel

  • Auto – Best for plant growth

  • Dim – Temporary dim the light

  • White – Best for photo

  • Off – Temporary switch light off

Online Mode

LED light control in control panel

  • Light control

    • Auto – Best for plant growth

    • Dim – Temporary dim the light

    • White – Best for photo

    • Off – Temporary switch light off

  • Demo - Each different types of light appear for showcasing purposes ​

LED light control in the app

  • Auto

  • Customise – Adjust the light intensity freely, either in grow light spectrum or white light

. Set sunrise time (i.e. when the light turns on)

  • Open Control panel of your aspara in the app

  • Set sunrise time for your aspara™
    * Sunset time is automatically set according to the planting program and sunrise time.


Remove Germination Domes

When the first two leaves on a plant appear, remove its germination dome. Not removing the germination dome at the correct time can inhibit plant growth.


Add Water to Non-germinated Capsules with Dry Growing Media

If you find any capsule has not yet germinated after suggested sprout days, check if the growing media is dry. Growing media is made of natural material that may vary on its water absorption rate.

Add water at top of the dry growing media until it is completely wet and wait for the seed to germinate.

If the growing media is not dry yet there is no sign of germination, leave a message to us at the Support page.


Thin Out Your Plant

During the first stage of development, there may be more than one plant growing in each seed capsule. To ensure a good harvest, you need to thin your plants out to give them space to grow.

When the plant sprouts are around 25 mm (1 inch) tall, choose the most healthy-looking plant in each seed capsule and pull out the rest.


Take Photo Periodically to Record your Planting and Make Timelapse Video

When your aspara is online, you can record your planting by taking photo in aspara app periodically or even every day. You can also make timelapse video with your photos.

  1. Click ‘photo’ button in app.

  2. Align the aspara outline for making timelapse video. The photo will be recorded with planting information including program and planting days.

  3. Save the photo or share.

  1. In photo album, select ‘Timelapse video’.

  2. Select the planting you would create video

  3. Click top right 'select' and select the photos to be included, then click ‘create video’.

  4. Customise your timelapse video by creating the name, selecting frame rate, transition effect and audio

  5. Click to go to ‘video list’ or back to ‘Timelapse video’ in photo album and wait. You will need some minutes for the video to process.


Adding Water and Plant Nutrients when There is Notification


There will be a notification from the app and the display if there is not enough water or nutrient.


Remove the tank and add water into the tank.


For nutrient, both app and control panel will notify when nutrient is not enough. Add 1 pack of plant nutrient into the water.


Place back the tank with both hands until it is firmly inserted.


  • The water and nutrient status in the app will only be updated after the water has circulated 3 times (about 10 minutes) after the water tank is inserted.

  • ALWAYS add water and nutrients to the tank. NEVER add them to the grow tray.


Prune Plant to Keep Away from Grow Light

Prune your plants when their height reach 15cm (6 inches).


Regular pruning can promote herbs grow or flowering. It also avoid burning the grow light.


Pollinate the Flower

If you are growing fruits (e.g. tomato), you should pollinate the flowers for fruit production.

Some fruits like tomatoes, peppers or eggplants are self-pollinator, you can pollinate the flower simply by hand. Touch the flower and let it shake the pollen and then the pollen will spread and pollenate other flowers. 

You can also pollinate the flower with a soft brush (like makeup brush, paint brush or cotton bud), gently collect pollen from outside of flowers (male stamens) and transfer it to center (female pistil).


Replace All Water and Clean System to Keep Plant Healthy

When you have planted over 60 days, we would recommend to replace all water in tank and grow tray with fresh water.

Clean algae on the connector, sensing probe or tank water outlet.

Open the grow tray and see if there are any roots blocking the sponge of the connector. Clean the sponge and the connector to make sure water can flow smoothly.



Slide out the grow tray. Use either scissors, a knife, or your hands.

To continue growing the remaining plants, push the grow tray back into the cabinet and make sure that the connector docks with the docking station.

Salad / leafy vegetables

Cut at bottom of the main stem to harvest whole plant.


Cut at bottom of the flower stem to harvest.

Herbs - leafy, e.g. basil

Cut individual leaf or fresh branches to harvest.

Herbs - branchy,
e.g. coriander, dill, parsley

Cut at end of individual branch to harvest.


Cut the ripened fruit to harvest. 


End the Planting Program

Offline mode

  • Select ‘Harvest’ in control panel.

Online mode

  • Select ‘Finish planting’ after click ‘…’ in My Veg page or in the control panel of your aspara™.


Change Between Online and Offline Modes

You can shift from offline to online mode only in standby mode, i.e. planting program ended. See How to Connect to go for online.

When going from online to offline mode, pin the “Reset” button and make your choice again. If you reset during planting mode, you will not be able to continue with your current planting data.



The appliance should be cleaned with hands and aspara cleaning function between each growing session or if it has not been used for a while. Make sure it has been finished planting before cleaning.

Parts that should be thrown away

  1. Plant - root part

  2. Growing media

  3. Capsules - biodegradable, will not harm the environment even thrown away

Parts come in contact with plants that can be washed with water

  1. Grow tray lid

  2. Grow tray container

  3. Connector

  4. Sponge

  5. Tank

  6. Sensing probe

  7. Grow hole covers

  8. Germination domes


  • Do not use water hotter than 40°C/105°F. Do not use bleach or harsh cleaners.

  • Unless you are going to use the appliance immediately, dry all the parts with a soft clean towel. It is particularly important to dry the metal contacts on both the sensing probe and the connector.

  • DO NOT wash the grow tray, tank or any other parts in the dishwasher as they may become deformed.

Parts AVOID touching water, can only clean by wiping with a damp cloth


Power adaptor and cable


  • Make sure the cabinet is disconnect from the electricity supply.

  • Do not clean the power plug nor allow water to enter the cabinet.

  • NEVER immerse the cabinet in water (or any other liquid) or wash it using free-running water.

Clean pipes inside with aspara™ Self-cleaning function


Pour away all the water in system. Insert the grow tray.


Once finished, empty both the tank and the grow tray.


Fill the tank with water to the ‘max’ line.


Replace the tank with both hands until it is firmly inserted.


Select ‘Clean’ function on control panel. You can stop before the process end.



We suggest you sanitize the appliance once a year and whenever you feel the water is not circulating freely or your plants are in bad health.


Following the cleaning instructions in "Cleaning - Clean pipes inside with aspara™ Self-cleaning Function", add cleaner (appropriate amount of citric acid cleaner or 1 cup of white vinegar) together with water in step 2. Then, repeat "Cleaning - Clean pipes inside with aspara™ Self-cleaning Function" to rinse.



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