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What is organic farming?

• No pesticides

• No chemical fertilizers

• No additives

• Non-GMO

Why should we buy local organic food?

• Fresh

• Healthy

• Safe

• Traceable sources with quality assurance

How to identify organic food?

Organic Certification (e.g. C14026) issued by Hong Kong Organic Resource Center

Is it normal to have defects on local organic food?

Local organic food are cultivated without chemical pesticides, hence minor defects on appearance is considered normal and safe to eat.

What is indoor hydroponic farming & its advantages?

Grow veggies with water & nutrient in a controlled & dust-free environment
• Clean farming environment
• No pesticides
• No heavy metal

Why should we buy local indoor hydroponic product?

• Fresh & clean
• Quality assurance
• Safe
• Traceable sources

Any suggested recipes for local indoor hydroponic product?

As veggies are grown in a controlled & dust-free environment, they are ideal for salad and vegetable juices

How to select indoor hydroponic veggie?

Select product with printed indoor hydroponic label