First Setup

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For aspara Nature+ users only

1. Put the cabinet bottom on a steady and even surface.

4. Align the pillar with the arrow marking at the bottom. Then insert the pillar into the cabinet bottom. DO NOT turn the pillar.

7. Attach the cabinet top to the pillar.

​2. Insert the side panel into the cabinet bottom. May need to press the buttons while inserting.

5. Connect the top connecting wires and the bottom connecting wires, turn to lock. You may put the end of the top cabinet without connecting wire on bottom cabinet for easy installation. Ensure the colors are matched.

8. Turn the pillar to lock it in place.

3. Put the bottom connecting wires through the pillar and make sure the end of wires comes out from top of the pillar.

6. Insert the cabinet top to the side panel. May need to press the buttons while inserting.

9. Assembly finished. Continue with Setup below.



For aspara Nature and aspara Nature+ users

1. Connect the power cord to the power adaptor. Plug into aspara first then the power outlet.

4. Add 1 pack of nutrients into water in the tank. The nutrient packs can be found inside aspara seed kit.

6. Insert seed capsules according to seed kit setup.

9. Cover any empty holes with a grow hole cover.

12. Press any button to start planting online or offline. See How to connect for connection details.

​2. Insert the sensing probe into the water tank.

5. Insert the tank into the cabinet on the stand (the front part of the tank should be inline with the stand). Use both hands when insert. The light will be on and the control panel will show 'Water tank connected' when properly inserted.

7. Place a germination dome over each seed capsules to keep seeds moist during germination. 

10. Make sure all holes are covered to avoid bugs.

13. Add more water after water running finished to make sure your grower is fully filled with water.

3. Fill the tank to ‘max’ mark with tap water (if the tap water in your area is hard water, use distilled water).

5a. For aspara Nature+, make sure the tank lock (Red circle) comes out after tank inserted. (And you will need to press the tank release button (arrow) to release the tank after locked.)

8. Cover all capsules with the germination domes. You will need to remove them when you see sprouts growing in a few days or a week time (with 2 leaves appear or 1cm high).

11. Slide the grow tray into the cabinet and push the grow tray in firmly. When properly inserted, the light will be on and the control panel will show 'Grow tray connected'.

Watch How-to videos for step-by-step details on first setup

[For aspara nature+ users only]

[For aspara nature and aspara nature+ users]


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