Frequently Asked Questions


Why doesn't my aspara turn on even though it’s plugged in?

  • Make sure the plug to the power cord is plugged into an outlet and to the aspara.
  • Reset your aspara to factory setting by gently inserting a pin/straightened paperclip to the reset pinhole.

Why aren't the lights working?

  • The lights will be turned off automatically after sunset in planting mode (according to your settings), check the time and your sunrise sunset time on your aspara™.
  • If you find that your lights go off in unusual time:
  • For offline mode: Please try to set your time and sunrise time in your aspara control panel > Clock. Or you can reset your aspara™ to factory setting by gently inserting a pin/ straightened paperclip to the reset pinhole. You can set the time again after reset.
  • For online mode: After connected your aspara™ to a Wi-Fi network, your aspara time will be synced to your network time. If you find your time is not correct, please access to your aspara control panel, check the time zone if it is correct.

How do I adjust the lights?

  • You can only adjust the lights when planting program has started.
  • Start planting program by selecting “Yes” when “Start Planting?” is displayed on display screen or by selecting 'Plant' in my veg page after you have added your aspara in the aspara™ app (See FAQ 'App' > 'How to link the smart grower to the app?' or browse for more details on linking aspara to app).
  • Light can be changed (from auto to white or dim light or off) by using control panel. Precise intensity adjustment can only be done in the app.

I have lost one of the removable parts, what should I do?

  • Please contact your nearest authorised service centre or email us at

What are the dimensions of the aspara smart grower?

  • Please find the dimensions here.

What happens if I am going on vacation? Will my aspara be okay?

  • aspara smart grower circulates water so that your plants can keep growing even when you are on holiday. We would recommend you to fill up the water tank and switch the planting speed to “Slow” when you are away. You can see the planting speed selection in control panel of your aspara in your app, unselect auto growing mode, the planting speed will then be available for selection when your plant is in growth mode. You can switch back to auto growing after your holiday.
  • You can monitor and track the plant conditions instantly using the aspara app on your mobile device during your holiday.

How many plants can I grow each time?

  • aspara™ has room for 16 seed capsules, you can grow up to 16 plants each time.
  • To help your plants grow healthy and strong, we suggest the maximum number of seed capsules to be planted in 1 time:
    • Salad vegetables (e.g. kale, rocket): 8 capsules
    • Herbs: 12-16 capsules
    • Tomatoes: 4 capsules
    • Radishes: 8-12 capsules
    • Flowers: 12-16 capsules

Why does it show "Tank/Grow tray missing" even I have inserted my tank/grow tray?

  • The tank/grow tray may not be inserted properly.
  • For "Tank missing", check if the pins are in contact with the sensing probe. Try unplug the tank and reconnect for a few times until you see water running.
  • For "Grow tray missing", check if the connector is inserted properly.

What are program A, B and C?

  • Program A, B and C are the pre-set planting programs available only when aspara is not paired with the app.
  • If using the control panel, select program A/B/C according to the instructions on the seed kit box (you may need to extend the germination stage manually if your seeds have a longer germination period).
  • More planting programs are available in the aspara app. When you are using the app, aspara smart grower will apply the specific program automatically according to the selected plant type.

What is the voltage of the aspara smart grower?

  • aspara smart grower operates within a range of 100-240V (50-60Hz).

When should I add nutrients to the smart grower?

  • You should add nutrient after you fill in water when you start planting. Add 1 nutrient pack included in your aspara seed kit into the water in the tank.
  • Then, your plant will consume the nutrient naturally, your appliance will then tell you when to add nutrients via the display screen and/or via the app.
  • The display screen/app will inform you how many packs of nutrients are needed (either 1 or 2 packs).
  • After adding the nutrients, the app will take around 10 minutes (3 circulations) to update the nutrient level.

Why firmware updates are important? How to update the firmware?

We release firmware updates that contain important changes to improve the performance and stability of the smart grower. Please update regularly for the best planting experience. How to update: 1. Online mode (the smart grower is connected to the app)

  • When you see "Your device firmware is not up to date" at the top of the page, click "Update now".
  • Click "OK" to confirm.
  • Click "OK" on the smart grower when successfully updated.
  • When the update is completed, the water will start running.
2. Offline mode (the smart grower is not connected to app)
  • For firmware update, your smart grower has to be connected to the aspara app.

  • To switch to online mode, finish planting by selecting harvest mode. Follow the instructions in the FAQ: Apps > How to link the smart grower to the app?

  • Follow the instructions above (1. Online mode) to update the firmware.

  • After completing the update, you can switch back to offline mode by resetting the smart grower (gently inserting a pin/straightened paperclip to the reset pinhole).

  • If you do not have Wi-Fi/ your Wi-Fi has no internet access, you can set up a Wi-Fi hotspot with your phone that the smart grower can connect to (you will need to use another phone to link the aspara to the app). Please contact authorised aspara™ service centre if you need help.

  • NB When you finish planting/ reset the smart grower, the planting data will also be reset.

Anything i need to take care to make sure planting success?

Make sure you do not ignore any notification from aspara. And make sure the grower works normally. Following are some highlights you need to note:

  • Plant will not grow too high so that the light is shaded or even damaged. If your plant is growing too high, with stems taller than 15-20cm (6-8in), please trim the tall stems to make sure the plant will not touch the lights.
  • Make sure the water way is not blocked, especially that the connector or the water outlet is not blocked with plants.
  • Make sure you clean all removable parts, clean the tubing inside (by using the aspara self-cleaning function), and replace all water in the system with fresh water after each planting. If you find algae, especially on the connector and the sensing probe, make sure you have the algae removed.
  • If you have planted for more than 60 days in a single planting, even you have not finish your planting, we would suggest you to replace all water in the system with fresh water to ensure your plant to be growing healthily. If you find algae in your system, it is better to clean the parts to get rid of the algae to prevent the algae from inhibiting the system normal operation.


What should I do if my plants aren't growing?

  • Please check if any notifications have been ignored.
  • We would suggest you to connect aspara to the aspara app to monitor the plant conditions.

Why are my plants turning yellow?

  • Please add nutrients according to the instructions.
  • We would recommend using our nutrients for the best plant growth.
  • If it is not your first time planting, try washing all your aspara removable parts (grow tray and tank all parts). We will recommend you to clean your aspara and replace all the water after your each planting to make sure your system is clean so that your plants of next planting will not be affected.

When is the right time to harvest?

  • It depends on the type of plants, green lettuce takes around 28 days to be fully grown.
  • You can check your planting status in the aspara app.
  • You can refer to the suggested harvest time shown in app or website.

What should I do if my cherry tomatoes are getting huge but there are no/few fruits?

  • We would recommend pruning which promotes larger harvests.
  • Pinch off sprouts and branches start to grow off of the central stem, and (with) leaves that look dry or dead. These little sprouts and branches will rob the plant of nutrients. Pinching them off makes sure your growing cherry tomato plants will continue to flourish. You will need the pruning when the stems are around 15-20cm (6-8in) tall. Pinch off stems higher than 15-20cm (6-8in) to make sure the plant is not too tall. Plant too tall will burn and you may also burn your grower!
  • Increases the amount of nutrients can improve fruit productions.

Does aspara smart grower attract any bugs and flies?

  • Most bugs and flies are attracted to open water sources. aspara smart grower is a concealed hydroponic system with no water exposed. So, please don’t worry about insects!
  • If you are growing fruit or root plants (e.g. tomato, radish), we would suggest you to harvest on time. Rotten fruits on plant or grow tray may attract insects.

How long does it takes for the plants to be fully grown?

  • It depends on the types of plants, green lettuce takes around 28 days to be fully grown.

What happens if I add too much nutrient?

  • Adding too much nutrient could be harmful to the plants.
  • Remove the water tank and dilute by adding water to the max line in the tank.
  • If tank is full of water, pour some away and add with water.
  • aspara will inform you if the solution is too dilute.


How do I get the aspara app?

  • You can simply search “aspara™” in the app stores (iOS store or Google Play Store) of your device.
  • aspara app requires iOS 10.0 or later / Android lollipop or later.
  • aspara app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and most of the Android phone. It may not be compatible with some of the Android tablets, you can see the message when you access to the aspara app page in the app stores.
  • aspara app is available to specific regions only. If you cannot download your aspara app, please contact

What should I do if I can’t control my aspara with the app?

  • Open the aspara app and check if your aspara is shown on the my veg page.
  • If no, press “Add device” on top right corner and connect your aspara to app.
  • If you can find the aspara on app, check if the aspara is disconnected. Maybe your aspara is placed in area with weak wifi signal or your wifi network cannot connect to internet. You can check your aspara control panel and get some hints whether your aspara cannot connect to your wifi or your wifi cannot connect to internet.
  • If you are sure your wifi signal is strong enough and your wifi is connected to internet, try unplug and replug your aspara.
  • You are welcomed to email us at if you have any enquiry.

Can I use aspara without the app?

  • Yes, you can grow your plants without the aspara™ app. Simply use the control panel for the offline mode.
  • For the offline mode, you cannot fully control your aspara™. You will need to choose your planting program (A, B or C). You can refer to top of the seed kit package for the desired planting program.
  • The planting stage (germination/growth) will change according to the planting program (Range from 3-10 days). You can also manually select the planting stage if you would like to change.
  • Please note you may need to manually extend the germination stage if your plant has not germinated after the germination stage. After your manual selection of planting stage, aspara will not change the stage automatically.

Can I control multiple aspara smart growers with the app?

  • Yes, users can connect to multiple aspara smart growers with one aspara app.

How to link the smart grower to the app?

  • Place your smart grower in an area with WiFi coverage, then:
1. Log in
  • Sign up by pressing the “Sign Up” button, fill in your information and verify your account in the confirmation email (using the device with the aspara app installed); or
  • Follow the instructions and sign in with your Facebook/ Google/ Twitter account
2. Add device
  • Press the “Add Device” or "+" button at the top right corner
  • Then press the “Set up a new device” button
  • Follow the setup guide to connect your device to your aspara

The smart grower has linked to my aspara app, how can other users connect to the same aspara with the app?

Please download the aspara app before you get started. There are two ways for other users to connect to the smart grower: 1. Connect to the Wi-Fi network

  • Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network that the aspara has already connected to.
  • Click the “Add Device” or "+" button at the top right corner (on the My Veg page).
  • Under "Available", you can find the devices that are currently connected to your internet network.
  • Select the device you would like to link to your app.
  • Click "Subscribe".
NB If you cannot find your aspara under "Available" (which may due to the settings of your router), please follow the instructions below (2. Sharing). 2. Sharing
  • To share your aspara with other users, select the device on the "My Veg" page.
  • Click "Share", then click "Share this Device".
  • You can then send a link to other users.
  • When the users click the link, they will be directed to the aspara app. They will also be asked to confirm the subscription to your device, click "OK" to confirm.
NB: After adding the smart grower to the device list, all users will be able to monitor and control it remotely.

It shows “Error message” when I login/click "forgot your password", what should I do?

  • Please check if you have verified your account in the confirmation email (using the device with the aspara app installed).


What if I run out of seed capsules?

  • Place an order via or through your local authorised stores.

Can I use my own seeds?

  • You can. However, we would recommend using aspara™ seed capsules as we have developed unique planting programs for our selected seeds.
  • Also, we will have no guarantee on your germination and planting if you are using your own seeds.
  • We are continue to develop different kind of seed perfect with aspara, you are welcomed to share your thought via our social media pages. Or you can also email us at

Plastic waste? Are the single-use seed capsules detrimental to the environment?

  • Our seed capsules are 100% biodegradable.
  • The basket is made of a plant polymer called PLA (polylactic acid), which is biodegradable and less harmful to the environment than traditional plastics.

Are the seeds non-GMO or organic?

  • Selected aspara seed kits are non-GMO and/or organic.
  • We have different seeds supplied to different countries, for details, see label on your seed kit packing.

What should I do if my aspara seed capsules do not germinate?

  • The time it takes for different seeds to germinate may vary.
  • You can extend the germination stage using the aspara app or the control panel manually.
  • If the seed capsules do not germinate within 3 weeks of planting and yet are within their use by date, please send or bring the defective seed capsules (please do not send the whole seed kit, unless all the capsules are defective) with your original seed kit box and your purchase proof to an authorised aspara™ service centre. We will compensate your non-germinated seed capsule with another seed capsule (type depend on stock) or something of similar value (e.g. coupon).

If you cannot find your answer above or you need our support, seek help from our Consumer Support


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