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Seed Starter

Save 7+ Planting Days!

Seed starter allows seed capsules to germinate inside so you can spare your aspara to grow more.

You can start germination in seed starter before last round harvest so that the germination time is saved.

Come with seed kits.
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How to Use

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1. Add water to the black tray until 1/2 full.

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4. Place seed starter in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight until seeds sprout.


2. Put on capsule holder and then place capsules with seed.

5a. For online, click 'Add' to add a new seed starter in app.

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3. Cover with transparent cover.

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5b. Start planting in the seed starter.

How to Transfer Seedlings


1. Take out capsules with seedlings of ~0.5cm (0.2 inch) tall.

Seed starter 4_transferred_1200x1080.png

3a2. The aspara planting program will auto align with your plant growing stage.


Notes: Only transfer the germinated seeds to aspara, non-germinated seeds can be left in the seed starter until germinate.


2. Insert to aspara grow tray.


3b. For offline, start planting and set planting stage to 'Growth'.


Notes: If seeds do not germinated after the suggested sprout day, check ‘Warranty’ in ‘Seed Kit Instructions’ for next step or contact

3a1. For online, select ‘Transfer’ in the seed starter in the app. Choose the aspara with seedling transferred.


Notes: DO NOT let the sprout grow taller than 1cm in the seed starter, or you will get a weak plant.